March 16, 2014





Here are the instructions for using the online registration system. Please read these carefully.


Note that we updated the photo upload application on 3/15 to address issues with Java 7 security restrictions. Hopefully this will address the issues our managers have been encountering.


Registration – Phase I Teams/Players

Teams should have data in by 4 weeks before first scheduled game so we can determine what issues exist. Any additional player add or remove changes can occur after that. The sooner we get the information to the registrar at PAWest the better, they need time to get all this done well before the first game date.


The manager for each team has been assigned a Username and a Password. These are provided in a separate email for each team. Only the manager needs to access the online registration system and not individual players.


Each manager should log into the system and check the roster for their team. You should see your team roster immediately after you log in – if you manage multiple teams you will have to select the one you wish to edit. You can modify player information for your team and then contact the registrar to get new rosters and cards issued if required.


Most of the data for existing teams is preloaded into the system so you should already find most of your players in the system unless you are a new team. You can add additional players, remove existing players or modify address or contact information for your players. It is important that you check this data for correctness. (If you have shirt numbers available you can add them for your players and the system will be able to generate a lineup card for the referees also although this is not required).


Use “add player” to add to your roster. Please use player search to determine if player is already in system before creating possible duplicate player entries.


If you are creating new players then you must provide an Email Address and  a Date of Birth (which determines eligibility for the various Adult leagues). Proof of the DOB for these new players must be provided with the registration payment – you may scan a copy of driver license and send to registrar (Note that the DOB information may not be changed after it is entered and errors can only be corrected by the system administrator).


System generated player cards are mandatory, no exceptions. If you can get digital photos from your players you can upload them to the system and the ID cards will be generated with photos. It is preferable to avoid paper photos. If you are using paper photos the registrar will need them to have player name and team name on back to match them to player cards printed.


Picture upload info:

Photo upload may sound daunting but it is actually quite straightforward and will save you a trip to the office. FYI with pictures I found that if I cropped them to be square or close to square on my computer (not necessarily 144x144) e.g. 1500x1520 then when I uploaded I could grab almost the entire same photo in the web based application. This meant I only uploaded close to what I needed for a players head shot and this made manipulation on the site easier. The database does store small sized low res image after you crop using the application.


Once you have got all of your player data in the system you can get your team and players registered. The final step is to use the “Create Registrations” button at the bottom of your roster page. This will create registrations for all players on your roster who are amber (unregistered) and they will have an outstanding balance which you can see from “Financial Report” button.


The registrar will be able to generate a roster and new player cards for your team directly from the system. Once appropriate league registration fee per player is paid (and paper photographs are provided if necessary) the registrar can begin to create the new cards and a stickered and registrar signed roster.


If all your data is in the system and you are providing paper photographs you can mail them to the registrar with a list of names and the registration fee. Remember to provide proof of DOB (e.g. copy of driver’s license) for all new players so the registrar can start creating player ID cards.


Once stickered and registrar signed player ID cards and rosters are complete you will be able to pick them up at the PAWest office or you can have the registrar mail the whole package back to you avoiding a trip to the state office.


The sooner you start this the better, so that we do not have teams waiting till the last minute and not have the capacity to get rosters and cards generated.

So the first step is to get on the system and make sure all your player data is there or added and correct.


Technical Issues

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Registration – Phase II Fields/Dates/Times

Secure your home field Location, Dates and Times. The Location, Date and Field Time information should be sent to the assignor and schedule coordinator 4 weeks before first scheduled game.